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The Next Generation of Moneyball

What if we told you that you’ve got a guy in the minors who bats over .300 against the next 10 starting pitchers your team is facing?

Utilizing a data-backed virtual reality foundation, we are creating a scouting and player development platform for professional baseball teams to standardize batting data across batters, leagues and countries.

A player puts on a virtual reality headset and sees a rival pitcher on the mound. He grabs his bat and swings. Whether it’s a fastball or a change-up, a ball or a strike, we’ll know if he’s made contact and where the ball will land.


The DiamondFX Platform


Our platform collects and standardizes batting data across players, teams and leagues by replicating professional pitchers in virtual simulations.

  • Find out if a batter doing well in the minors can compete in the majors
  • Have draft prospects see if they can hit against the best pitchers in the division
  • Gather data on current players to see what needs to be fixed in their swing
  • Find out if foreign players can translate into the Major Leagues
  • Engage fans by having them bat against their favorite pitchers, past and present

Fan Engagement


An Active Way to Engage

What if you could bat against Ryan? Koufax? Or even Kershaw? Whether it’s the all-time greats or active superstars, you can get those who love the game to take a swing against their favorites.

The foundation of DiamondFX allows it to be ported as a consumer platform for an active experience for both casual and die-hard fans. With leaderboards and real pitchers, fans will engage in ways never before seen. Plus, we’ve got a secret up our sleeves…

Baseball’s Aging Demographic

According to ESPN, the average baseball viewer is 53 years old compared to 47 for the NFL (football) and 37 for the NBA (basketball). A high-quality virtual experience can help lower that number.

Sponsorship and Distribution

A kiosk-based experience that can be exported to malls, theme parks or stadiums as a tool for both fan engagement as well as branding opportunities.



Past Projects


The Walking Dead

for Starbreeze Studios

Developed a custom shotgun solution with haptics for Starbreeze’s upcoming VR game for The Walking Dead.


Dave & Buster’s

for VRcade

Developed a “hot-swappable” pistol for a virtual reality pilot program at Dave & Buster’s for VRcade.


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